Contemporary Historiography on Christianity in Roman Africa

  • Alden Bass Oklahoma Christian University
Palabras clave: Augustine, early christianity, historiography, late antiquity, North Africa, patristics


This essay follows the broad contours of patristic and ecclesiastical history relative to African Christianity. Rival Catholic and Protestant narratives of the origin and trajectory of African Christianity in the early modern period continued to influence historiography, even after the acceptance of critical historical methods in the 19th century. The advent of archeological research in the colonial period opened new vistas on African history and ushered in the sociohistorical approach which characterized early Christian studies in the 20th century. Finally, the “linguistic turn” in early Christian studies inspired by critical theory has directed recent research toward issues surrounding the identities of African Christians, rhetorical and real.


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Bass, A. (2021). Contemporary Historiography on Christianity in Roman Africa. REVISTA DE HISTORIOGRAFÍA (RevHisto), (36), 341-358.